Tina is a DOP and emerging director also experienced in screenwriting and non linear digital video editing currently based in Zagreb, Croatia. In 2011. Tina started her film making education in London,UK. Since than she earned a Screenwriting Diploma at Academy of Media, Film & TV in London, got an award for outstanding student at Brasov International Film Workshop & Film Festival where she attended Filmmakers and Directors workshop and also worked in screening department. She continues to develop her skills as one of the participants at Digital Production Challenge placed in Vilnius, Lithuania held by some of the most valued producers and cinematographers in today’s industry.

Most recent experience is placed in Amsterdam at queer youth film festival & workshop where she made dozen of short films regarding self perception, human rights and LGBTQ rights that were later on screened in a local Amsterdam cinema.

At this stage Tina is counting over several thousands photo/video/film projects and a few beginner workshops she held, developing her skills on daily bases, learning from her colleagues, home based workshops and various filmmaking events.

She has a advanced knowledge for handling non-linear editing programes (Vegas,Premier), light manipulation with Lightroom, writing with Celtx/Final Draft and basic knowledge in Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Avid, Audacity and other mid-range and professional media software. Tina also has experience in working with: drones, steadycam/gimbal/glidecam, various camera rigs, tripods, sliders, jib, lights, microphones (lavalier, shotgun), multiple camera work and operating with broadcasting cameras, DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

CANON 80D, 7D MARK II + set of photo and video lenses

APUTURE lights
ZOOM audio systems
GoPro Fusion 360 + Hero black 7


Hours of your shaky travel videos, birthday shoots and everyday snipets can actually be arranged in amazing memorable videos! Contact me for more details and get your materials ready!


Whether you want to record your event, promote, inform, invite, inspire or teach, a good set of photographs and High Quality videos are the best form of communication you can invest in today! Separate yourself from the crowd and take your business to the professional level.


Besides dancers you can find some musicians, singers, actors, painters or maybe a dancer covered in paint while performing. Keep your mind open, amazing things could happen. Check the video to see what am I talking about.


All of the clients have one thing in common, no matter what branch they are in: They are looking for real and creative images that show their brand as unique as they are – the certain extra something that sets them apart.
KING ICT, Bayer, Volkswagen, HNK Balet Rijeka-Croatia, Plidenta, Oroundo GmbH, Cultural Places.com, Highlander… the list is long, and you can check it in the link below.

BASED IN Croatia, Europe


E-MAIL tinakadoic.yt@gmail.com